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Strong Foundations for Somaliland’s Sporting Future

When UK sporting equipment company Harrod Sport read about the plight of the Somaliland team, it wanted to step up and assist…

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At Outsiders' 'World Cup,' Somaliland Team Sees Way To Give Back

The Somaliland soccer team receive a roaring welcome from the crowd at the Conifa World Football Cup opening ceremony in Abkhazia.

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Somaliland: Starting a national team in a country that doesn't exist

Like most football-obsessed kids, those playing on the streets of Hargeisa dream of one day representing their country. The problem is their country, officially at least, doesn't exist.

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For The Somaliland National Team, Recognition Means More Than Acclaim

In representing a country that remains unrecognised by the international community, the Somaliland national team are making a statement both on and off the pitch.