In 2014 The Somaliland Football Association (SFA) was formed with the purpose of representing Somaliland in international football competitions. The association aims to enhance the standard of Somaliland’s footballing capabilities. The SFA is affiliated with ConiFA (Confederation of Independent Football Association) since 2016, appearing internationally at the ConiFA World Cup 2016, which was held in Abkhazia.


Somaliland is a young nation brimming with talented and energetic young athletes who are passionate about football. SFA aims to use the power of football to inspire and mobilise the next generation to overcome current and future challenges facing Somaliland society.


The SFA is run by a team of volunteers who donate their time, effort and money to provide new opportunities for the youth and next generation of Somalilanders. 


The association welcomes all forms of donations to ensure it reaches its goals.